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  • What are your hours of operation?
    The International Education Division is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • Where is your office located?
    The International Education Division is located within the St. John Adult Learning Centre, 145 Niagara Street, St. Catharines ON, L2R 4L7 Canada.
  • Can I become a partnered agent with NCDSB?
    We welcome all agents around the world! Please visit our AGENTS page to see more information and for our application form.
  • Are the application fee, health insurance coverage, and tuition fees required to be paid at one time?
    The application fee is required upon registration. We cannot start processing your application until we receive at least the application fee. The tuition fee may be paid at a later date (at lease 1 month before your program start) or can be paid at the same time. health insurance coverage is not included in tuition fees and are the parents/guardians/custodians responsibility to obtain health insurance coverage that covers the entire program duration.
  • Can tuition be adjusted for students who wish to stay shorter period than 1 semester?
    Niagara Catholic offers the students the option of studying with us for shorter lengths of time and the tuition. In those cases, tuition will be adjusted to reflect the shorter time frame. Please note we do not adjust tuition fees for students who choose to return home before their study period is completed.
  • What if my parents who are with me here in Canada have a study or work permit?
    If a parent has a study or work permit, then the student is considered an international student and must first apply through the international office. Please refer to the "Application Forms" page to see the documents needed.
  • How do I start my application for elementary or high school?
    Please visit our Apply Now page to see the steps and documents needed to apply for elementary or high school programs.
  • I am over the age of 18; do I need custodianship?
    If you are over the age of 18 and are coming to Canada, you DO NOT need custodianship as you are of legal age in Canada. You will still need residency (homestay, rental, extended family, etc) to study in Canada.
  • What if myself or my parents have permanent resident status? (PR, landed immigrant, refugee)
    If you have any permanent resident status, then you are not considered an international student! Please refer to your boundary school for further instructions on how to apply.
  • My parents or myself do not hold any status in Canada... (visitor record or passport stamped)
    If you or your parents do not hold any status in Canada, then you are considered an international student. You must first apply though the international office. Please refer to the "Application Forms" page to see the documents needed.
  • Is health insurance coverage included in the tuition fees?
    Health insurance coverage is not included in the tuition fees and are the responsibility of the student to obtain sufficient coverage that covers the entire duration of their program. If the student is staying with our homestay provider, then health insurance is included in the homestay fees.
  • What are the advantages of Homestay?
    Niagara Catholic’s Homestay program places students in a safe, warm, caring and supportive local Canadian household. Students are placed in a home that is close to school and one with they are compatible. We provide ongoing support throughout a student’s stay to ensure that all academic, social, and emotional needs are being met.
  • How are Homestay placements made for your international students?
    All potential host families are thoroughly screened in a variety of ways and must meet very stringent expectations before being accepted as host families into our program. When the student applied for homestay, the homestay coordinator will find a suitable family that best fits the students personality and needs. Once the family is chosen, the school is then determined based on the homestay's address.
  • Are Homestay fees paid in full or monthly?
    Homestay fees are paid in full, prior to the start of the program.
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