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Mutual Exchange Program

A World of Opportunity and Learning

The Niagara Catholic District School Board supports international education opportunities for our students to further global learning opportunities and linguistic development. We encourage our learners, and welcome international learners, to participate in a mutual student exchange program during their academic years of Grades 9 to 11. Participating students must be in good academic standing and have a desire to improve their language skills and experience another culture both academically and socially.

The Selection and Exchange Process

Students are selectively matched with a host family to make their stay an enjoyable one. In turn, students attend the host school and participate in academic and extracurricular activities while experiencing the culture and customs of the Canadian family who is hosting them. Canadian Niagara Catholic parents agree to host the matched foreign exchange student in their home during the fall semester, which is typically the first part of the exchange. The second part of the exchange starts in February during the second semester and is hosted by the family of the international student who was hosted with one of Niagara Catholic families.

Preparation and Support

Ideally, students are encouraged to discuss with Guidance regarding their course selections if they are interested in pursuing an exchange program. It is suggested and beneficial for students to take language courses to develop language skills of the desired exchange destination. Guidance counsellors are available in our high schools to offer ongoing support and academic counselling to our learners throughout their stay. If a student requires additional language support, English as a Second Language teachers are available as well.

Benefits of an Exchange Program:

  • Studying abroad lets you see the world

  • Experience a new culture

  • Broaden personal perspectives

  • Develop your language skills

  • Teach you to be more independent

  • Experience different styles of education

  • Prepare you for post-secondary education

  • Make lifelong friends

For more information about Mutual Exchange Programs...

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