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Paula, Colombia
Denis Morris Catholic High School

My living experience and coming to school in Canada with the Niagara Catholic District School Board was exceptional and it made me see new things. It’s exceptional coming to school in Canada because I’m learning new things and I met new people. When I first came to school I was introduced to the ESL teacher and my classmates in the ESL classroom. The ESL teacher was very kind to me and so were my classmates, they were all welcoming. My classmates help me with my English because it's not that good. They understand what I'm going through, at one point they also went through what I'm living. The new things that I saw when I first came were how different the classrooms look, the teachers, the teaching style and definitely the English language. Another thing that appears different to me was the transition the school provided because in Colombia there's no transportation provided to school. At Niagara Catholic they provide many things for us students so our school lifestyle is easier, giving us the things we need leading us on a good path. Coming to Canada was like a new door opening for me and Niagara Catholic gave me new opportunities and dreams.

Matheus Costa, Brazil
Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

It has been an amazing experience to study at Saint Francis with the Niagara Catholic District School Board, the teachers, students and the coordination try as always to help you. The attention they give to the student, makes me feel at home. The Canadian method of study is completely different from Brazil. What at the beginning was more of an adaptation step and a constant learning, after some time, I start to feel more comfortable and start to enjoy this new method of study. Being here I try to experience as much as I can. At the beginning of the winter season, I joined the curling team. I was looking for real Canadian experiences and I think I did the right thing. I made a lot of friends here, and some people that I will take for the rest of my life. At the beginning, it was hard to make friends, but after you start to feel more comfortable and less shy to talk with people, you notice how the Canadians, even at the winter, have a warm heart.

Audrey, Philippines
Denis Morris Catholic High School

I’m grateful for living and going to school in Canada with the Niagara Catholic District Board. They help raise money through fundraisers such as the Pilgrimage. This money goes to help others have a good life and to experience a better life than they have right now. They raise money to make other people happy. The school board also, respects differences. Canadians respect every culture in Canada and this happens especially in the school. If you can’t understand the language they’re willing to help you or offer you help to understand their language. The greatest support is the English as a Second Language class. The schools have ESL classes to help students from other countries learn English to succeed in their future. Niagara Catholic provides help to all students learning to speak English and understands cultures to help International students live a better life here in Canada.

Sajad, Saudi Arabia
Denis Morris Catholic High School

Living and going to school in Canada with the Niagara Catholic District School Board is comfortable and unique. One unique thing about the NCDSB is they raise money for the poor. The Pilgrimage fundraiser is done in the high schools where they raise money so students in other poor countries can go to school. Another great thing about Niagara Catholic is that everyone wants to help you to succeed in your goal. What you have to do is just ask and you’ll get your answer especially from Student Services who will help you figure out your future. One last unique thing about the NCDSB is that everyone respects your religion, no matter who you follow they respect it. They provide classes in which you learn about numerous religions and that promotes diversity and understanding. Niagara Catholic has better students and better opportunities for your future.

Baha, Turkey
Denis Morris Catholic High School

My life in Canada and The Niagara Catholic District School Board has made me so happy. It was difficult coming to a new school and my biggest challenge was taking the school bus from my house, but the teachers and guidance counsellors helped me and now it’s easy. I'm also happy to be at NCDSB because they accept new cultures and I've met with many students with different religions in which I learn from. Another help is our teachers who help us when we have issues with work and any difficulties in school. If you let them know, they will try their best to help you. Lastly, there is a chance to get to know a lot of people, especially in my ESL class. I have friends from various cultures and I have learned about their culture. Niagara Catholic has been an overall positive experience for me personally and educationally.

Sally, Colombia
Denis Morris Catholic High School

My experience living and going to school in Canada with Niagara Catholic District School Board is a comfortable one. They raise money for countries that do not have a lot. Raising money to help others is good because it means that the people here are empathetic. This school board also respects everyone’s religion. Respecting everyone’s religion is important because if they are respectful with this it means that they are respectful with other things. Giving us the chance for ESL classes is important. ESL classes help a lot because I was not born in Canada so I do not speak English very well. Living and going to school in Canada for me is a comfortable experience because the people at this school board are very respectful and friendly with the differences of the other people and things.

Subin, South Korea
Denis Morris Catholic High School

Living and going to school in Canada with the Niagara Catholic District School board is amicable to me. Firstly, we have ESL class to improve our English for international students. Students are all from other countries so we respect our culture and our teacher also respects our differences. Secondly, we have many and varied after school activities in school. It’s nice to have a variety of activities because we can experience many things. Thirdly, all teachers are kind and good for us. All teachers have no discrimination and still help me a lot. There are many good things about our school. This is why I like my school in Canada.

Bob, China
Denis Morris Catholic High School

Living and going to school in Canada with the Niagara Catholic District School Board is fantastic. First of all, people are kind and honest there. When you have any problems, teachers, guidance counselors, principals and students will help you. They will also help you for your study. Secondly, people also respect different religions and cultures. If you are not Catholic people also respect you and help you. Thirdly, schools have ESL classes to help international students to understand English. In general, my study abroad process is beautiful.

Lily Wang, China
Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School

As an international student, I am interested in studying in Canada with quality and more affordable tuition, safe cities, employment options and a pathway to Canadian permanent residence. Firstly, I am studying in a Niagara Catholic school where I can learn traditional religion courses as well as the value of self-discipline and commitment. Niagara Catholic schools encourage family input and involvement in the ongoing education of their children. I encourage international students to study in Canada with the Niagara Catholic District School Board.

Jack, China
Denis Morris Catholic High School

I think the Niagara Catholic is a great school board that has given me a better educational experience. Being an International student I have a lot to worry about and getting to school should not be one of my worries. At Niagara Catholic we have the school bus that we can go to school and it is provided for us at no charge. Niagara Catholic is also very diverse and because of this we get to learn new cultures and improve our English. We get to talk with various students and we need to use our English. The ESL class provides us with support with other classes and subjects we are taking to improve our vocabulary and help us succeed. So because of this I think the Niagara Catholic has provided me with an excellent opportunity for my future.

Spanish student from Saint Michael Catholic High School
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